Questions to Ask Prior to Booking a Limo Rental Service for Your Wedding Event

Are you ready for your big wedding event? Well, you should not forget to hire a limo rental service for your ride. The following are the most frequently asked questions when it is time to rent a limo service for your wedding day: 

1. What are my Limo Choices? 

It all depends on the theme of your wedding event. As a matter of fact, you would want to know what choices are available for limousines. It includes how many limousines are available at that time (in case you need to transport the entire groomsmen and bridesmaid), what colors are available as well as how many passengers can be able to fit into the limousine. 

2. What is the Max Number of Hours the Limousine is Available? 

Wedding events are basically an all-day occasion. With that being said, you will need to be moved from wherever you as well as the wedding event prepare, to where the wedding ceremony will be held and also, to where the reception will be held. You may also want to be transported from the reception place to your honeymoon suite. Because of this, it is very important to know the max number of hours you are able to avail the limo service and whether or not you will need to make multiple bookings for that matter. 

3. What Will the Professional Driver, Provided by the Limo Rental Company, Wear? 

The last thing you’ll ever want to happen to your wedding event is to be stunned by what the chauffeur is wearing and from that point, it would already be too late. You do not want your perfectly outfitted wedding event thrown off by the driver dressed poorly. Thus, you need to make sure that the driver will also be wearing the appropriate getup, like boutonniere color with a tie. 

4. How Much Does a Limo Rental Service Cost? 

Unless you are working with an endless wedding budget, you will also want to know how much the limo rental service would cost you? That means that knowing if you avail a discounted price for hiring multiple limousines. Also, you should know how much it would cost you if you have extras such as balloons or flowers at the back of the limousine. 

5. Do You Have Reviews and Referrals? 

While it’d be great if all limo rental services were transparent enough with their offers, your wedding event is not the time to take risks. You may ask the limo rental company instead if they’re willing to provide you with reviews and referrals. If not, it is always best to search them up on reliable search engines like the Google for unbiased reviews. 

6. What is the Fine Print on Your Contract? 

While you probably do not plan on cancelling your big day such as a wedding event, it is still very essential to remain flexible. You should always know and understand what the fine print states once you plan on outright cancelling, change the number of limos or the date. Make sure to visit our website often for more information. 

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